Lash Artists: Coaching/Training


Who needs a Lash Mentor? If you’re a certified Lash Artist, YOU DO! Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game (or out of it!) - we all encounter phases in our career that warrant guidance. If you want to advance your skillset, address retention issues, learn a new technique, or just commiserate with someone who understands the struggles we all go through - then you’re ready for a mentor.

During my 3 hour one-on-one coaching session, we will discuss any issues you may be having, and troubleshoot how to fix them. We will cover topics like:

  • Isolation: What kind of tweezers are best, and for what purpose? Why can’t I get those pesky lower lashes out of the way with the gel pad? How do you even isolate those tiny inner corner lashes? Secret: tape is your BFF.

  • Proper Weights and Placement: Long natural lashes do not always deserve an extension that is “2-3mm longer”, as they teach in beginner classes. Learn how to utilize short 6-9mm extensions to improve the lash line. Also - how tweezer grip affects placement.

  • Lash Prep: To cleanse or not to cleanse? To prime or not to prime? When do you remove grow-outs?

  • Retention Issues: Here in the Portland area, humidity is a bitch. It changes constantly, as does the temp. How do you deal with it so your clients aren’t coming back the next day with tons of missing lashes? Also - how to recognize poor hygiene and what to do about it.

  • Beyond Cat Eye: It’s so easy to fall into the boring trap of providing everyone with the same cat-eye or kitten-eye look, day in and day out. But not all eyes are created equal - learn how to WOW your clients with lash mapping and design to better suit their eye shape.

Supplies are provided to practice with during the session. This is a great way to experience other brands of lashes and tweezers, and different tweezer styles that serve specific purposes. A live model is strongly suggested for the last hour of the session, but if one can’t be provided, we will work on a mannequin head. Sessions are held any day of the week that is most convenient - at your studio or mine. Ongoing support is offered at no extra charge by text or email, for as long as you need it!

What to bring: notepad and pen, the tools and supplies you currently use, and a model.

To schedule, click the button below where you’ll be taken to Schedulicity - click Schedule Now, scroll down to the Trifecta BodyBar section and choose “Mentoring for Lash Artists with Jen Davis”:

3 hours: $250


Recent graduates of Cosmetology or Esthetics programs who were provided lash certification in school: do you feel like you learned enough? Can you hit the ground running, or would you like more in-depth training?

The beauty of this training class is that it’s one-on-one, in a friendly, judgment-free atmosphere. No questions are off limits! In addition to what’s covered in the 3 hour coaching session, this full day includes more advanced techniques such as layering, texture, and corrective work. You will learn to identify when lashes have sustained damage and what to do about it. Adhesive characteristics and quality will be covered, as well as which adhesives work best in the Portland area (and how to correct for humidity and temperature changes).

A live, extension-free model is required to arrive during the last 2 hours of class. Supplies and tools will be provided to test out. Sessions are held any day of the week that is most convenient, inside Birch Salon in Downtown Milwaukie (future classes may be held on location at your studio). Ongoing support and mentoring is available for the life of your lash career by text or email!

What to bring: notepad and pen; your own tools and supplies you currently work with (helps with troubleshooting); a model (last two hours of class, no extensions)

To schedule: Click button below where you’ll be taken to Schedulicity. Hit Schedule Now, then scroll down to the list under Trifecta Bodybar where you’ll find “Lash Training with Jen Davis”

6 hours: $500